Boost the Value of Your Offer in a Day

Want to boost the value of your offer today so you can 

✨ showcase your best benefits

✨ clearly express your features

✨ walk away knowing what to automate, template, and get support on?

When you have a VIP Day, Coaching Program, Workshop, or 1:1 service you love it can be easy to believe you help people get amazing results, but hard to communicate how.

The people who jump in, love it, but you might find you have more people cheering you on and saying how awesome you are than actually buying the service.

You might find that you can quickly tell someone everything you two will do together, but that person doesn't really get how it will change their current life so they say it sounds great but pass on the opportunity.

You find you can talk for ages about your topic and area of specialty in content, but when it comes to writing your sales messaging the wind gets knocked out of you.

You're often left wondering what your audience thinks about your pricing and it leaves you wondering what should change and how to balance the demands of your time with admin and the results you provide with the lack of action people are taking.


Boost the Value of Your Offer in a Day

In this 3 hour course I'll guide you through:

✨ Mapping out what you do and how you do each piece of your offer from the client's first contact to the end as the groundwork to discovering hidden value

  Discovering what parts can be made once to reuse over and over so you can streamline admin and find places to provide a stellar client experience

  Identifying where tech and human support can uplevel your offer and free your time

  Identifying each piece that should be called out in your sales messaging — hello conversion and cash💰

  How to transform your service pages, sales pages, contact forms, and emails/posts with drool-worthy messaging that beckons the right people to act 

  BONUS Dive into pricing, capacity, and one hack to make sales conversations more easeful



Hi, I'm Tracie and it's my goal to help more people easefully shine light onto their work. The process I take you through in this mini-course is one I use myself and have used on dozens of 1:1 clients. Creating a way to bring this process to more people has been the highlight of my year and I can't wait to see how you use this process to not just increase how you communicate your value to others, but also amaze yourself at how awesome you are and how much you do for the people you work with. I can't wait to see you inside the private FB group and on the LIVE Q&A call!

What People Are Saying:

I knew it was great but couldn’t really explain why. Now I can! I loved how this process unearthed so much about my own course. As I went through all your steps it became very clear what I needed to add and also gave me confidence in what I offer. This helped immensely with selling issues I'm trying to overcome! I now have a working document to address all the things I wanted to put in my course and by doing this my mind has become uncluttered. An additional benefit that I didn’t expect was that while doing it I pulled out 20, yes 20 video snippets to use in my social media marketing!

Rachel P

It's exciting to feel confident selling my offer for what it's worth now that I see everything I was doing! I used to sell something similar and never promoted it or made it sound as cool as it was because I felt bad. Thanks for Boost!


Boost Your Offer Value Today for $197 USD

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