Your Chance to Ask

Got a Burning Question?


Your resident Sales and Offer Coach who proudly accepts the title Business Rebel.

You didn't take the leap into your own business to be bullied into using gross tactics or to be talked down to and confused to the point of daily overwhelm and frustration.

I'm here to demystify business, guide you through the creation of Your Own Style, and pull back the curtain on building a sustainable business you can be proud of and grow with.

So ask away! This is your chance to get your coaching questions answered by me. I take the submissions and record a response on the podcast and you have the choice to be notified or stay anonymous and listen out for the answer. Since I'm never one to make up answers to things I don't know, if your question is not in my specialty, I'll bring it to one of my coaching friends and we'll tag team an answer for you.

So what are you waiting for? Head back up to the top of the page and hit Start!