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You didn’t become an entrepreneur to 'grin and bear' your way through your business


Create a Sales Style and Offer Suite that reflects who you are and the impact you want to make 



Audience, Offer, Sales

Creation & Curation

for misfits, rebels, and those who

don't like the common sales schtick

Monetize the Authentic You



Audience, Offer, & Sales

Creation and Curation

Take a path away from standard selling

Where we value connection over transaction & bring the whole you into your business

Welcome to a world where we show your audience how you fit into their world instead of them having to squish into yours. 


Not just telling them what you have and do, but helping them understand what it means for them and their world. 


It's about connecting your solutions to their hopes and dreams.


And how you sell is an extension of you and a powerful way to share your values with the world.


I give people a way out of the standard. Beyond the lessons looked to from others when we're scared or out of our comfort zone. A trauma-informed approach to selling because we're all different and we've had more than a few not-so-great run-ins with being sold to.

After we’ve checked in with ourselves to see if the strategy really aligns with and represents us, we'll create something you can actually feel comfortable with and are willing to tell your grandma about. 


Bringing you into your business. Letting people know what it's like working with you from the start. 

Sales and offers about them starring the real you.

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Yes please!

You’re creating something big. Direction, income, a way for people to see you and work with you. 


You know the people you made this for. You dream of their amazing transformations. If only they knew your offer was for them.


You want to bring more 'you' into your business, but you don't know how.


How do I sell without being salesy or always on? I really want to create this new offer but how does it fit with my existing business? How do I talk about it? Am I expanding the business or harming me?


Create a sales ecosystem focusing on people, starring the real you

I just needed to know what to do and how to do it, based on what I feel comfortable with. You delivered that! The focused time and investment with you will really save YEARS of frustration and confusion."

Nikki Takahashi
Designer, StoryBrand Guide, Podcaster

Angelica Rodriguez, Executive Coach

"I was blown away by the depth and level. . . It has led me to create a better document with more solid information.  

I have learned so much about the purpose of the quiz and ebook and how to provide meaningful teachings to my audience”

“I want to bring more of me into my sales and offers”


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I’m Tracie,

Conversion Copywriter 

Sales Rebel 

Offer Creation Badass


I break the 4th wall of digital marketing to tell you the inside scoop and show you how to create sales with intention so you feel good and show up as your natural self.

Together we’ll create healthier sales and offer strategies to bring more profit into your business. 

Be empowered to say goodbye to sweaty pits and lumpy throats and enjoy talking to people about your offers! 

From your audience's first interaction with you to the moment they decide to buy, you can create an ecosystem of connection, trust, and relationship — not transaction.  

Join me in my speak-easy, to burn down the old sales system and let a new way rise.

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