Signature Sales Style™

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If you want to GROW your business and make an IMPACT without sacrificing WHO YOU ARE or PROFITS, this group is for you


Tailored Coaching that matches your business and your priorities


Surrounding yourself with people who understand what you're trying to create and how passionate you are to grow in the world


An environment that never asks you to compromise your beliefs or personality because of some outdated standards of how business is done

Do business on your terms, in a way that feels good and truthful to the very heart of you without sacrificing profit


Creating your Signature Sales Style is a holistic approach to a business that’s:

✨ On your terms 

✨ Makes an impact on your client's lives 

✨ Is people-centered

⚡️ Is profitable 

As an online business owner, you’ve seen a lot of selling and business strategies that made your stomach turn and you’ve been fed the lie that chasing money will guarantee you an impactful business.  

Here’s your escape hatch from the sewer of popular selling and scaling at all costs.


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I'm Tracie
Your resident Sales and Offer Coach who proudly accepts the title Business Rebel.

You didn't take the leap into your own business to be bullied into using gross tactics or to be talked down to and confused to the point of daily overwhelm and frustration.

I'm here to demystify business, guide you through the creation of Your Own Style, and pull back the curtain on building a sustainable business you can be proud of and grow with.

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