Your high-touch offer deserves some love

Boost the Value of Your Offer in a Day™

Double your sales and let your 'work with me' page do the heavy lifting for you...

in under 3 hours

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Want to sell your offers?


Struggle getting people to understand how great what you do is?

Break into a sweat when someone asks for more information?

Feel too unsure to send your checkout link?


Boost the Value of Your Offer in a Day™ is the weighted blanket for your selling nerves. Blending your right brain with your left for stellar copy & uncovered genius and backend improvements so no one feels lost or frustrated plus clearly know what to automate, delegate, create, and reuse.


You’ll soon pass out your offer link prouder than a grandma showing off first year school pics.

Just telling people what’s included in your offer isn’t enough

I know it might feel safer, hell even more professional, to list out all someone gets by buying from you, but clients need more. 


And you are more than your deliverables!


Boost will lovingly walk you through the same process I use to get out of the “I’m not sure what to say so I’ll keep it brief and hopefully they’ll pick me” mind-trash and into “let me take a minute and clap for myself because I am impressive”. 


Sound impossible? Well, it is possible with the magic of getting your left brain excited while soothing it with systems and your right brain going to creativity town.

Say no more, I'm in!

In less than 3 hours you can uplevel your client experience and communicate better with potential clients.


Talking about our offers gets a little tricky when the "gross selling" nerves kick in.

We’ve all had different levels of experience with selling. From being proud of our purchase to walking away feeling gross or belittled. From being nervous to tell someone they need to pay for our ‘advice’ to moving into a natural client relationship.

Selling creates a lot of emotions, especially around being right, accepted, or good enough. But we can create a buffer of processes and systems around selling that work for you while you do the deeper work to feel safe and capable.

Give yourself the space you need to emotionally process and grow while keeping your business ticking on and working for you by having offer pages that do the heavy lifting of communication and excitement building for your offers.

"When people ask what I do, I have an answer!"

"I started with one offer & ended up making a new offer that's sold out"

Proven process to elevate your offer on your schedule ...

Boost the Value of Your Offer in a Day™


This is your chance to

✨ showcase your best benefits so clients can feel the possibilities of working with you

✨ clearly express what you bring to the table so people know what they get, when, and why it matters

✨ walk away knowing what to automate, template, and get support with so you don't feel rushed or like you're starting from scratch every time someone says Yes!

Get the juicy bits of your VIP Day, Coaching Program, Workshop, or 1:1 service offer from paper to sales message ready so you

😕 never feel stuck expressing the value you deliver

😖 never feel disconnected from your audience

😫 never wonder why people love virtually hanging out with you but never seem to buy

Up level the experience of working with you, let people know you're the expert, show them your passion, and demonstrate how you'll skyrocket their life

Your Left Brain will Love

🧠 Process videos to understand what to do and how to do it

🧠 Structure to feel focused and excited to showcase your offer

🧠 Quick glance options and organization of your offer

🧠 7 lists that will elevate your business

🧠 Security in the price you set for your offer

Your Right Brain will Love

🧠 Uncovering the magic of your offer & creating stellar copy you can’t wait to share

🧠 Knowing how to reveal the results you co-create with the wonderful human you work with

🧠 Understanding how to communicate with your future client so they feel seen and heard

🧠 Seeing what you do from others’ perspectives

🧠 Getting your words out so people know if it’s for them and how to share you

Let's Begin

Discover tips, tricks, and tools to get the most out of this exercise.

Lay of the Land

Walk through everything we will accomplish together and know how Boost will work best for you.

Pick one to Start

Feel focused and excited to showcase your offer.

Magic in the Details

Uncover the magic of your offer and uplevel your client's experience.

Prism of Colors

Create a quick glance summary of your complete offer for maximum organization and structure.

Delight and Delegate

Build the 7 lists that evolve and advance businesses.

Key to Dream Clients

Unlock the secret to people-first sales as you share with buyers what your offer means for them.

Putting it All Together

You've got an amazing process and a new level of clarity, but how do you get that on the page for future clients to see?

Watch this lesson to bring your Delight & Delegate Lists into the 4 Sections every Work With Me Page needs and watch a real-life example come into existence.

Pricing Paradise & Bonus Vault

Create clarity and confidence around your pricing. 

PLUS An expanding vault of examples for using this process on different types offers, including courses and more lessons to revolutionize your messaging 

Plus a private community for questions and to share your before and afters, template & summaries to easily reuse the process, and all future updates and added bonus lessons

I need a Boost!

"The benefit & outcome lesson has up-leveled everything I say!"

"I didn’t double my price because some social post told me I should, I did it once I saw the real value people get and my capacity to provide quality service"


Your resident troublemaker exposing all the truths, and dirty secrets, of selling online. 

You've probably been sold the "1 thing you must do to be successful". And it probably left you feeling like you must be doing something wrong because you didn't end up like all the dolled-up testimonials.

It's not you! You are not the problem! The system is and it's my mission to help you create a system that works for you and that you love.

Boost was birthed out of my love for getting things out of my head and onto paper so I can reorder and assemble them partnered with my ability to turn generic blah blah blah into something a real human actually wants and leaves them feeling good.

My hope is for you to use Boost to fall in love with your offer again and feel ready to show it off so you can create new relationships and help all the lovely humans who need you.

"I knew it was great but couldn’t really explain why. Now I can! I loved how this process unearthed so much about my own course. As I went through all your steps it became very clear what I needed to add and also gave me confidence in what I offer. This helped immensely with selling issues I'm trying to overcome! I now have a working document to address all the things I wanted to put in my course and by doing this my mind has become uncluttered. An additional benefit that I didn’t expect was that while doing it I pulled out 20, yes 20 video snippets to use in my social media marketing!"

Rachel P

Ready to elevate your process and have people drool over working with you?

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Yes! This is for me

You can feel secure in the work you sell.


You can help people understand why working with you is a no-brainer.


You can set up a business that works for you and does the heavy lifting of giving people the information they need to decide whether to buy.

It's exciting to feel confident selling my offer for what it's worth now that I see everything I was doing! I used to sell something similar and never promoted it or made it sound as cool as it was because I felt bad. Thanks for Boost!

Sue M 
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