Take Your Quiz Beyond Clickbait


Create a Lead Generating Tool that Segments, Builds Relationships & attracts Leads that actually become Sales

Beyond a quiz that just adds names to your list to one that brings in raving fans and long-term clients.

Quizzes that Convert™️ is a group program of guidance & live writing that creates a custom growth engine for your audience, brand, and conversion.

If you're ready to create an audience for your offers and supercharge your business, Quizzes that Convert™ is where you belong!

Quizzes that Convert

Beyond audience growth and into Sales Growth

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You know how to take your students and clients from point a to b

Now's your chance to give a taste to a broader audience. 


Your future people can easily find you and feel at home working with you to co-create confidence, connection, and certainty at record speed.

Beyond vanity numbers and makes-me-want-to-cry average conversion rates of typical outreach, a results-driven quiz takes people from "who are you" to "I want to work with you."

Show your audience what it's like to work with you from their first interaction and demonstrate how you co-create transformation by being in their world. 

The secret to a successful quiz is bringing in the people you’ve been searching for and guiding them to the best way to work with you now

Quizzes are still one of the most popular, highly interactive lead magnets out there. But unless you use a grounding foundation based on you and have offers to guide them to, they are nothing more than a marketing stunt that will fall flat of your business goals. 

The key to a sticky quiz is YOU  

Not the current product you’re offering or the latest topic you want to discuss... 

But your method of teaching and guiding your clients that flows throughout your offers. 

Sometimes you know your signature method, and sometimes it’s still buried within and we need to dig it out together, but marrying your guiding principles with the journey you want to take your audience on, is how you get a quiz and community that will give back what you put in.

"I feel proud and happy that I completed my quiz and it works well! I love quizzes, I knew they're a great lead magnet. But I also felt unsure about the flow between my quiz and offer. My lead gen strategy was not organized and didn't have a strategy behind it.

It felt valuable getting support from you directly. The lessons broke down the whole process into smaller chunks and it all made sense as far as flow and how the layers of the quiz are built.

I want people to know that you walk them through it and help fine tune the messaging for their situation plus, one of the main things that sold me initially on it is that it's CONVERSION driven.
That was huge for me since ultimately we grow our list to grow our biz, not to just collect emails."
____ Dafna, dafnachazin.com


Quizzes that Convert™ is the only live coaching experience that guides you through quiz creation to lead to more clients


Your journey into the wild world of quizzes is about to begin. 

A world where often, many just talk about lead generation, but 
we go a step further into sales growth so you can have a lead magnet that does more than just bring in curious clickers. 

A quiz that gives people an experience of what it’s like to work with you from their first impression. 

A way to co-create your community and guide them into your philosophies while crafting their wins through your expertise. 

Founded on my signature Sales Style Method of quiz creation, once reserved for my 1:1 clients, QtC's purpose is to bring you this magic, so selling is based on connection and not transaction.

So what are we going to do inside QtC?

Over 8 weeks, I will guide you live through each step of my signature sales-focused creation method to create a complete quiz funnel you can use to attract future buyers. Each week you can ask your questions as we work through the how-to, have an expert copywriter review your work, and get feedback from other digital business owners. This is no sit-and-learn course. This is a live, interactive, write-as-we-go, group huddle.

All designed for your successful completion of a *can't wait to work with you* quiz.

Get Your Foundations in Order


Quizzes are a lot more than poppy questions and a 'thanks for your email'. A good quiz will show the taker what it's like to work with you and get them a win. How that's accomplished is a bit art and a bit scientist. You'll learn what makes up a good foundation and begin structuring and playing. 

  • Take a look at how you typically take people from point a to point b
  • See what offers you already have that you'd like to bring people into
  • Define which of the three audience types you want to attract 
  • Decide and structure your specific quiz theme and results

From here, you'll start writing your first drafts. 


We'll meet to cheer each other on, talk about progress, answer questions, and get your results ready for review. 

Attract Your Audience

 Week 3

What's the point of winning results if no one takes your quiz? This week we'll work on your quiz title and create a promise that tells the right people they want in. Pencils sharpened, let's begin...

  • Learn the what and how behind naming a quiz and communicating what you're all about
  • Create a "you know you want to take this" quiz description and opt-in
  • Workshop your ideas and check in with your goals
Week 4

This week is all about creating questions and responses that show people you are in on their conversations. You see them, you hear them, and you're ready when they're ready to make a change. 

  • Craft "you know what I'm thinking" responses
  • Ask questions that get them thinking about where they are vs where they want to be
  •  Show off your personality and excitement for getting to know them

Beyond Questions and Answers

 Week 5

They've taken the quiz, gotten their results, but now what? Now we continue to surprise and delight with email sequences!

  • Learn what makes good quiz emails
  • Decide and structure your specific email sequences
  • Write with personality, support, and to continue building the relationship
Week 6

We'll use this week to keep working on your drafts, cheer each other on, answer questions, and get your work reviewed 

Prepare to Tell the World

Week 7 & 8 

While drafts are being polished let's plan how you'll get your quiz out into the world!

  • Create a marketing plan and promotion strategy for your quiz
  • Good, bad, and ugly of paid and organic promotion
  • Tech! Yep, it was coming, and now's the time to slash your zeros and tail your ones (that's a 01101010 binary joke 😉). Our guest tech experts will pop in to answer any lingering why isn't this working issues with uploading, integrating, and hitting go on all the tech piece buttons. 

When we hit publish, there will be a collective YAY and celebration because your work is now out into the world!


Experts Here for You 

In addition to my brains, you'll have access to some of the best copy and tech minds!


Copywriting expert who will review your submitted quiz pieces

Interact guidance for the what and how of this flexible quiz platform

Website platform and Email service provider (ESP) experts brought in based on your tech stack.

Not everyone uses the same website platform (Kajabi, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and so on) or the same ESP (Kajabi, ConvertKit, MailerLite, Active Campaign, and so on) so based on what you tell me about your businesses tech stack, I'll bring in the right people to answer your questions. 

Hi, I'm Tracie!

And I firmly believe quizzes are one of the best ways to show people what it's like to work with you from the beginning.

How would it feel to not have to call to people and ask them to join you in the greener pastures you know are possible? Quizzes let you meet people where they're at and join in their inner conversations to walk them through realization and decision.

From that first connection, you are demonstrating why you're their guide and best expert to get them to where they want to be.

Will you join me in showing people you're the person they need?

Quizzes that Convert™️

Beyond audience growth and into Sales Growth

Next Round March 2024

8 week immersive group program to create a quiz funnel that shows people what it's like to work with you

believer in consent. this form only adds you to the program waitlist

Psst 👋🏼 Don't want to wait or looking for a private group session?
Email [email protected] and ask about a closed group session. Minimum 5 people.