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Cocktails, Coffee & Conversations

 A Podcast about the true stories and insider secrets of digital entrepreneur life

You're invited to listen in on real conversation about business, life, and the sometimes strange sometimes controversial ideas, opportunities, and strategies circulating through our online world.

Each week you'll get unbridled access to interviews with a digital entrepreneur as they talk about life beyond laptops on the beach and how our businesses support our daily lives too, drop in on coaching calls, and hear breakdowns of business concepts, how to decide if it's something you want to implement and what's the next right step if you do so you can take action in your business. 

From the wild and fun to the regular and mundane, listen in on how being a digital entrepreneur shapes our outlook on life, family, wellbeing, and the businesses we're creating. 

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Ask your question about building an audience, launching an offer, or selling without selling your soul and I'll answer it on the CCC Podcast

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